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How to Acai Bowl - the day I was finally able to get acai pulp in Switzerland by Fannythefoodie

Hey there

So anyone who has been following me on my social-media for a while you would probably know that I am a real smoothie bowl addict, in particular açai bowls, they’re just so incredibly yummy! Until a few days ago I always used açai powder as I didn’t know any place that sold good quality açai in my area. I would occasionally treat myself to an açai bowl made of real açai at one of my favourite vegan places in Zurich, which were always so much better than the ones I would prepare at home with the powdered version. However, then I was approached by the lovely Albana, a Swiss woman who together with her partner decided to start importing organic fairtrade açai to Siwtzerland, finally, I’ve literally been waiting for this for like FOREVER!

They sell their açai packages under the name Amazonian, which if you have travelled in Australia have most likely heard of. Amazonian açai is cultivated in Brasil and 10% of the revenue goes directly to the farmers who work on the farms that grow this amazing power berry. Furthermore, Amazonian is also trying to collect enough money to build a school for the farmer’s children. I absolutely love their approach and I think it is so great that you are actually supporting a good cause when buying Amazonian acai plus it’s organic and fairtrade, which is always a good thing, right?!

As of right now Amazonian açai is only sold in their online shop and you can get it in packages of 10 or 50 packs. However if you’d like to try their açai before ordering a batch you can head to Juicery 21 on Sihlstrasse 93 and enjoy an açai bowl there, they actually get their acai packages from Amazonian as well.

Also just letting you know, they’ve got a discount going on at the moment so if you type in the Code: Amazonian-Special at the check out you’ll get 40% off your order if you order before the 31st of March.

Anyways I’m sure you got it, I am just really happy that there is finally a way of getting açai packs in Switzerland, I have been waiting for this for soooo long! To finish off this post I also wanted to quickly show you how I like to prepare my Acai bowls. This is another recipe that is not really a recipe because it’s really just throwing a bunch of ingredients into a blender. And guys, you can be creative with this. You can literally add anything. I am just going to show you how I happened to prepare it today. I’ll probably make it differently the next time and then even more different after that. Just add whatever fruit you have on hand, just add whatever nut milk or liquid you’ve got standing around, add your favourite super food powders, add a spoonful of nut butter, whatever you fancy. There’s just one thing I would stay away from, do not add any additional sweetener it is just unnecessary as the açai puree is so sweet and flavourful by itself you would just ruin it by adding even the slightest amount of maple syrup agave or coconut sugar.

Find the recipe on the following link:

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